Friday, February 23, 2007

Long Time No Write

I've tried to keep this portion of the blog about defense stuff - but, alas, my life at the moment has little to do with defense stuff. In my trial class, sure, but that's such a pony show it hardly qualifies (in fact, I now hate that class - and the egomaniac prosecutor professor - so much that all I can focus on, gleefully, is the teeny tiny size of the professor's hands. They're like a child's. Ordinarily this would not amuse me, but with him, it does. Totally. I hate him.)

Anyways, I haven't had anything defense-esque to post, so I'm changing this aspect of the blog, and making it a bit more personal. I'm also updating the sidebar to include my reading stuff, which, along with training for the Disney World Triathlon in September (aaaiiiieeeee), is about the most exciting stuff going on in my life at the mo.

Speaking of, I am currently very, very interested in reading African-American novels - I just haven't received any good recommendations, besides, of course, The Known World by Edward Jones, and anything by Toni Morrison. While I'm very excited to read those, I admit I'm more curious about works set in more current times. Does anyone have any recommendations??

Update: I just flipped through People and found a good review for Man Gone Down by Michael Thomas.


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